Monday, August 17, 2009

Navigating the Rapids - Real World Lessons in Adopting Agile

Sam Newman talks about lessons learned while transitioning clients to agile practices. He 1st recalls a story where he failed to educate stakeholders upfront that he will share with them the good news and the bad news on a regular basis in hope that they can step in and help with the bad news when needed. Next he discusses how when adopting agile productivity 1st goes down as the team is adapting to the new practices. Patience is needed before there is a clear sign of productivity increase. Finally he describes how different clients prefer to see data in different ways.

He summarizes the lessons learned as:

1. Educate stakeholders about early signs of pain

2. Bite of something small – Earn trust early: Need to show that things are better (hard numbers, metrics).

3. Track your data and know how to present it

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