Thursday, March 25, 2010

So You Think You Can Scrum?

Are you really doing Scrum? Or is it more Scrum-like, Scrum-but or semi-Scrum. To find out, try to pass the Nokia test that was developed by Bas Vodde:

1. Iteration must be time boxed to less than 4 weeks.
2. Software features must be tested and working at end of each iteration.
3. Iteration must start before specification is complete.
4. You know who the product owner is.
5. Product backlog is prioritized by business value.
6. Product backlog has estimates done by team.
7. Team knows their velocity.
8. There are no managers disrupting the work.
9. Team commits collectively to Spring goals and fights impediments.

Jeff Sutherland later modified this test and added a scoring system as explained here.