Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Agile Coaches Dojo

Agile CoachingAt Agile 2010, Rachel Davies gave a workshop on Agile Coaches Dojo. The Dojo was modeled based on the developers dojo where a bunch of developers get together to solve a challenging programming problem. The group collaborates to solve the problem and along the way learn new tools and techniques.

In the Agile Coaches Dojo, instead of solving a coding problem, coaches solve a challenge faced by an agile coach. Rachel recommends the following format for the dojo:

A seeker presents a specific challenge to 3 coaches. The coaches each take 5 minute turns to discuss the problem with the seeker and provide advice. Meanwhile, 2 to 3 observers take notes documenting interesting perspectives while a facilitator ensures the dojo moves along smoothly. At the end of the discussions, the group has a 5 minute retrospective on what went well in the dojo and what did not.

The Agile coaching Dojo gives participating coaches a chance to see how other experienced coaches tackle the same situation based on their own personal style and reactions to different context.