Thursday, January 20, 2011

Comparative Agility

So how are you doing at adopting agile? You decided to go Agile. You got the training and coaching. Six months have passed. Are you where you should be? Are you excelling in some areas? Do you need to improve in others? How well are you doing compared to your competitors?

Pair Programming IlluminatedTo answers these questions, Kenny Rebin and Laurie Williams presented Comparative Agility at Agile 2010. Comparative Agility is an assessment that evaluated multiple dimensions of agility that lead to actionable recommendations. The assessment framework consists of 7 dimensions covering 3 to 6 characteristics per dimension for a total of 125 questions.

The seven dimensions represent broad classifications of changes to be expected of a team or organization as it becomes more agile. The seven dimensions are:
  • Teamwork
  • Requirements
  • Planning
  • Technical practices
  • Quality
  • Culture
  • Knowledge creation

Questions are asked to assess a team's score on each characteristic and answers are in the form of:
  • More true than false
  • Neither true nor false
  • More false than true
  • False
The philosophy behind the assessment is that organizations do not need to be perfect but they need to be better than their competitors. The assessment is not used to determine maturity levels. It simply answers “How am I doing compared to my competitors?”

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